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Welcome to the Farm Web Site of the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. I am Fr. Antonio and am responsible for the farm. We monks of S. Mary of Monte Oliveto follow the Benedictine Rule. Our life can be summed up by our traditional motto “Ora et Labora”. The day flows with a wise distribution of time; between OPUS DEI (prayer in choir), LECTIO DIVINA (examining oneself in the light of God’s Word), MANUAL WORK – these are the three great pillars of monastic life. This fitting balance between work and prayer, is for Saint Benedict, a help for man in recognizing that he is a co-operator with God in His creative work. About manual work the Rule says:

"Idleness is the enemy of the soul; and therefore the brothers should be occupied at certain times in manual labor, and at certain other hours in sacred reading. …. If, however, local necessity or poverty require that they themselves are occupied with gathering the harvest, they should not be saddened; for they are then truly monks when they live by the labor of their hands, as did our fathers and the apostles…” (Chapter XLVIII – Daily Manual Labor).