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Historic research has shown that from the second half of the XIII° century and the start of the XIV° century viticulture was widely spread on the lands belonging or entrusted to ‘Grance’ ( sort of fortified farms working the vast properties of the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala of Siena, producing food-stuffs, especially cereals, for the use of the hospital). During the XV° century the cultivation of the vine took on more and more importance. Several letters received by Francesco dei Malavolti, monk of Monte Oliveto, speak of Vermiglio produced by Le Piazze farm of Chiusure. Viticulture in our region has evolved a lot over the centuries but still remains one of the most important agricultural activities. In 2002 we began a program of renewing and enlarging our vineyard; we planted Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Vermentino. All the new vines, nurtured according to modern viticulture techniques, are situated under the hamlet of Chiusure di Asciano, on a south-east hill slope at an altitude of about 400m. The plantation is 2,5m between rows and 0,8 on the row (0,75 for Vermentino) with a density of 5000 to 5200 stems to the hectare and trained in horizontal lines with cord.

Characteristics of the territory of production

Area of production: Tuscany – Crete Senesi
Property: Farm of the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Area: 5,5 ha
Altitude: 400 metri s.l.m.
Exposure: Sud-Est
Implantation density: 5000 plants per ha
Farming system: Spurred cordon - Guyot

DOC Grance Senesi

In 2010 the new Tuscan DOC “Grance Senesi” was approved. This title was originally the name of the ancient farms and fortified granaries belonging to the Santa Maria della Scala hospital and particularly common in the southern part of Siena. This geographical area includes 5 counties: Asciano, Monteroni d'Arbia, Murlo, Rapolano Terme and Sovicille. It is a land of clay hills, yellow marble and travertine, inserted in an environment of rare intensity composed of a number of old collage, mills, torrents, small lakes, hills, country chapels and abbeys.